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Hello there! My name is Morgan and I’d like to welcome you to The Cozy Timber Company! I started this company after my love for interior home design and decorating started to take over more and more of my life by the day.  It has long seemed that if there is ever a spare minute of time, there is a good chance that I’m either watching HGTV or scouring the web to find the next new piece of home décor that I absolutely “have to have”. And while I haven’t always been the crafting type, my husband Josh and I have made a variety of home décor pieces that have sparked some great feedback from our friends and family over the last few years. Our favorite is a very large scale world graphic that we painted on to reclaimed pallet boards, for our first born son’s nursery. It’s pieces like this that have pushed us to think outside the box, to try and create unique and timeless treasures for our home.  One weekend after going to a craft show with my mom, I came home with a single-sided sign that I just had to have. Josh didn’t mind the design, but he surely didn’t much approve of the quality.  We found ourselves continuing to discuss the sign in the days that followed……and how we thought we could make the sign better……and how well signs like that would sell. So just like that, we made one. :)

We tweaked our design a few times and made more samples. In the end, we came up with something that I was super excited about: a double-sided sign that could be used year-round! Yes, I definitely was more excited than Josh, but he did think it was a pretty creative idea that we had come up with.  And the best part was, we didn’t even need to store it! So then came the question: How could we possibly balance raising our ever-busy toddler, our own full-time careers, and our family, well enough to even think of starting a new small business adventure?? The answer? We didn’t have one, and we still don’t!  But we quickly realized that there wasn’t ever going to be a “perfect time” to give it a shot. After endless debate, we finally decided to pull the trigger and try our hand at a craft show. After achieving some success at a year’s worth of shows, we even decided to start our own website.  And here we are.

I won’t sit here and tell you that it has been an easy road with no bumps, because we’ve certainly had our fair share of them. I’ve found that starting a business isn’t easy. But I will say that it has been a very rewarding experience that has taught us more than we had imagined. While my husband and I don’t agree on everything, we have found that our collaborative ideas and designs have led to some great results!

We are still (and always will be) learning from each other, and plan to take our new adventure one day at a time. It’s been a lot of work and we aren’t exactly sure where this journey will take us. But we do know that raising our family will always be our #1 priority. We look forward to seeing what the future might bring, and know that we will continue the journey so long as we are having fun!

If you have supported us in the past, THANK YOU! If you haven’t seen or purchased one of our pieces, we encourage you to check them out, as we have a wide array of designs to choose from! ~ Morgan