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My First Blog

Posted on June 30 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to my FIRST Blog! I am so excited to introduce and share my personal home decor style and home renovation projects online with you! As most of my close family and friends know, I am a huge Chip and Joanna Gaines fan; I grew up on a farm in ND and this new, trendy, farmhouse style that is all the craze has actually been a style that I have loved for many years. I have a huge passion for incorporating vintage finds, along with black & white photos of family, to make my home tell a story and give a little personality. So I hope you find that our signs help give that same personal touch to your home, and help tell YOUR story. With that being said, I am absolutely floored to be able to showcase the work of Cozy Timber with the launch of our website! ….YAY! :) It has been a few months in the making and I am so EXCITED that we finally have a website! :) :) :) I’m looking forward to seeing where this site takes us and I hope you stay I have so many fresh ideas and products to share with you all down the road!! - Morgan